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Oh, No, Nicky!!
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From now until folks get sick of it, ONN will be your one-stop-shopping place for Nick-centric stuff— graphics, fanfic (SLASH and otherwise), challenges. In terms of discussion of the show (news items, spoilers, and general squee), start with Nick and go from there--we love to talk about all the CSI characters, because Nick wouldn't be Nick without his teammates. We're a broad spectrum community and we're interested in everything about CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

One way to get yourself bounced out of here is to bash any character on the show. If you don't like one of the regulars, you can discuss it in civil terms, but calling names, ranting on their storylines, complaining about the amount of on-screen attention given one character over another, or other such behavior is not welcome. Another way to find yourself outside is to treat your fellow comm members with anything less than respect and courtesy. We all know what that looks like, so be nice. Anonymous comments will be screened. If you have a problem on ONN, please, please, please contact all the mods by email. If you only email one of us, and that person's not at a computer, you won't get a prompt response—please email us all. We'll respond as soon as we can. The mods reserve the right to delete posts, freeze threads and evict comm members at their discretion.

Please rate your fic. ONN is open to all ages from teen on up. This means that fic must be rated plainly, and that folks under 18 need to heed the warnings. There are three things that must be warned for in fic: death of any regular character, rape/non-con, and spoilers.

This comm is FULL of spoilers. Please be sure to put spoilers behind cuts and note if spoiler squee finds its way into your comment threads. If you don't know how to use cut tags, the LJ FAQ is actually very useful, or you can ask us. We don't bite. Also, all fiction and large images should be cut-tagged too. Have mercy on the dial-up users among us.

Sister comms: If you’re looking for MORE great LJ communities that deal with CSI stuff, try these:
only_nicky-- for Nick-centric show goodies and fic
nick_discussion-- for show discussion
gil_nick_slash-- long-time center for Nick/Gil fics
peanuts_gil_nic-- a brand new forum for all things Nick and Gil
grisslash-- Just exactly what it says. Wear asbestos.
nick_greg-- More of your Nick/Greg goodness
csi_slash-- slash of all types from CSI’s of all stripes
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warrickfic-- Non-Nick pairings abound
csicons-- great stuff here!
(If we didn’t link to your favorite comm, let us know and we can add to this list. We want to share the love!)

Any questions about the site or CSI or why Nick is the most amazing man ever to grace weekly television can be directed to jalola298@gmail.com.

READ AND HEED ALL WARNINGS AND RATINGS! Our members are careful to mark the content of their posts and post behind cuts. Everyone who reads this comm can make informed choices about what they see here.

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